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    Error installing Coldfusion 10 Update 21

    retrocane Level 1


      I am running into difficulty installing the latest hotfix 21 on my developer edition CF. I haven't had issues before with installing hotfixes.

      I am installing using the Windows command line as the CF Admin method has never worked (can't download the fixes due to our network issues)


      The 3 fatal errors in the log file:

      1. ERROR - Could not move the file C:\{CFPATH}\lib\updates\{filename}.details to the backup location C:\{CFPATH}\hf-updates\hf-10-00021\backup\lib\updates\{filename}.details
      2. ERROR - Could not move the file C:\{CFPATH}\lib\updates\{filename}.notes to the backup location C:\{CFPATH}\hf-updates\hf-10-00021\backup\lib\updates\{filename}.notes
      3. ERROR - Could not move the file C:\{CFPATH}\lib\updates\{filename}.hotfix_021.jar to the backup location C:\{CFPATH}\hf-updates\hf-10-00021\backup\lib\updates\{filename}.hotfix_021.jar


      I am running the Windows command line as Administrator. So I don't believe it's a permission issue. Especially since other files are written to those locations during the install (C:\{CFPATH}\hf-updates\hf-10-00021\backup\...).


      OS is Windows 7


      During the attempt at installing the hotfix, I see the *.details and *.notes files being written in the C:\{CFPATH}\lib\updates folder. They are deleted at the end of the process.


      Any ideas why?

      Thank you.