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    Help needed: automatic text box resizing

    chrisf61448732 Level 1



      I'm trying to achieve this:

      text example.jpg


      I found a bunch of stuff so far but nothing that is solving my problem. I've tried looking into scripts and expressions and while I would love to get in to being able to write them it is a little beyond me right now. The difficulty is in having multiple rectangle shapes within the shape layer as they need to be able to resize according to the text line.  Ideally the boxes would appear as the text line is created.  I did find one example that used a box blur on the text along with a couple of other effects and then a CC Composite to make the text appear on the box, but this created one rectangle instead of separate sized boxes. And really I would prefer it if the box was a separate layer anyway.


      Is there something that could mask out a solid layer?


      I can't help but think there MUST be a way to achieve this.


      Thanks for any help you can offer!


      (edit) I also found this but A: I'm not sure if it is what I'm looking for and B: I don't know where to put the expression.