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    Any date on the next 2015 update?

    Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

      I know the drop of the next patch is allegedly close but anybody know anything?


      Just finished a project with 2015.3 (latest build).  Still audio anomalies that cause me to have to replay sections with a longer lead in.

      Also significant lagging when highlighting text or manipulating path handles.

      Caching seems a little faster than 2014 but the other stuff in concert with having to switch over to 2014 for the final render anyway

      makes 2015 remain a pointless in production.  There's no good reason to use it.


      I am sort of excited about the supposed full integration C4D.  I'm led to believe AE will now have native capabilities similar to element3D?

      Anyway I hope the team is still working to improve the most basic of performance problems.  It's super frustrating that what was working ok was broken over a year ago and still is not fixed.