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    Dual source for CSH?

      Greetings all. Please help me get rid of this headache. My first RoboHelp project and it's a major undertaking. Most of my questions have been answered through this forum and others, but I can't seem to get this one.

      The application is a Windows-based app in VB. Help system is FlashHelp. The devs want context-sensitive help for each of several dozen dialogs in the app and that's all the CSH they want. The main topics include the specific dialog help, but too much other content for the desired effect, so single-sourcing the main topics with a "fieldhelp" layout will not work; neither will a new topic in the main index for each dialog.

      So, is there a way to have a separate set of hidden-from-the-index CSH topics just for the custom-sized single-pane HTML or RoboDemo windows that would appear when the user clicks on the Help button on the dialog in the app?

      Thanks much!

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Bill and welcome to our community

          Everyone that is confused here, raise your hands! (Rick raises hand)

          Are you by chance saying that you want some topics hidden from search? (I know you mention "Index", but I suspect this is a misnomer and you meant to say "Search". Additionally, you mention "RoboDemo". Did you really mean "RoboHelp"?

          Assuming you intend to hide topics from the search mechanism, indeed there is a way. Essentially, you rename them by changing the file extension from .HTM to .XHTM. Once you do this, you need to add them to baggage files so RoboHelp knows to include them in the mix.

          I'm thinking that at this point you probably need to adjust any references that occur in any .H files. (CSH mapping files)

          Hopefully this helps... Rick
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            I'll raise my hand too, but what I read is that Bill wants two windows - one stripped down to show RoboDemo movies (is that the proper term?) from the app's CSH and one tri-pane to open other topics, showing the other content, TOC, index, and perhaps search. Is this correct, Bill? Or I am just showing my ignorance of things FlashHelp?

            There is a separate forum for FlashHelp and you might want to post there. I only ran a trial version once so I should probably refrain from saying anything but I think you can include topics that are not included in the index and can be accessed only through CSH.

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              trangler9 Level 1
              Sorry guys. My own confusion/ignorance seems to have confused you as well. But, I think Rick gave me the answer. Basically I just want minimalized content for the CSH for the app dialogs, leaving the regular topics as they are, and without adding the CSH topics to the contents list (did I say "index"?). I'm assuming that I can just create separate topics and put them in the baggage file -- but can I assign map IDs to these topics? I'll test. I do a lot of that. Thanks again.