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    SWF Files


      Hello, sorry if this is a dumb question I tried doing my research to find a solution but could not find anything. So this is my last ditch effort before I snap my laptop in half. I am adding some motion graphics features to my Muse portfolio website. I made the text animation in after effects and exported the videos as .swf files because I understand that muse only takes .swf and FLV. The swf fileworks fine on my desktop and everything is great, however when trying to make my mobile version of the website the video can't play. I understand its because my phone doesnt have flash player and is not compatible with flash, I am wondering if there is a way around this. I dont want to have my clients having to download flash player just to see my website. I guess I could of just asked "how do I get videos to play on my website that will be compatible with all devices?."

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Muse has a video widget that uses standard H.264 and Ogg formats. You are overcomplicating this. Otherwise simply upload your video to vimeo or YouTube and let their code handle the delivery adaptively.



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            Pavel Homeriki Adobe Community Professional

            I think you have chosen the wrong application. You worth it to do in the Animate CC (html5 Canvas) but not in After Effects, export to OAM, and place it in Muse.

            After Effects is the program for video post-production but not for the Web