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    After effects creates precomps everytime I dynamic link


      It happens when I have two clips in premiere that have different settings. For example, lets say I create a sequence that is 1080x1920 30fps, and then I add footage that is 1080px1920 30fps and another clip that is 720p 60 fps.  I edited the footage and scale up the 720p to be in the whole frame of the 1080p sequence. I want to add an effect so I dynamic link the two clips by "replacing with after effects composition". when it is taken over to after effects it creates a precomp of the footage rather than just the footage. I already contacted adobe agents about 20 times and they cant help. I have been using premiere and after effects for 2 years and I have made plenty of videos to know how it works. It was working originally and then started creating the weird precomps two days ago. I contact adobe agents and they make it seem like I don't know what I'm talking about. they have no idea how there own program is even suppose to work.


      if dynamic link worked like I was explaining, then whats the point if I have to reedit everything in after effects. please help. Has someone else experience this?