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    Howto define the second Display?

    abhijit.bossotto Level 1



      I've got a tripple monitor setup (a Samsung for Coding, the iMac 27" non-retina and an Apple Cinema Led 24" monitor -> in that order). Lightroom choose the Samsung as the second Display, but I want the Apple Cinema (the display on the right of my iMac which is my main monitor). I'm able to move the window manually to that monitor, but the second one is still the Samsung.


      So, what can I do to change permanently the second screen?


      Thanks for Tipps & Tricks



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          Todd Shaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is an unresolved issue, which was first reported five years ago: Lightroom: Ability to assign a second monitor with more than 3 monitors | Photoshop Family Customer Community You can read some of the posts with solutions at the above link and see if one of them resolves your issue.


          The only other suggestion I can provide is to try swapping the Thunderbolt ports used for the Samsung and Apple Cinema monitors. Plug the Samsung display cable into the Thunderbolt port used by the Apple Cinema's and vice versa for the Apple Cinema's display cable. Logically this should swap the display that receives the LR Secondary window, but I have yet seen anyone offer this as a solution. Unfortunately, I don't own an iMac so can't test it myself.

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            Jeffb2009 Level 2

            oh no...was hoping this wan't the case. How can such a "professional" piece of software still have some incredibly amateur limitations.

            Have just read on another forum where a LR engineer has said not to use the second monitor in full screen and to re-position it by hand every time......clearly has spent too long looking at code and not actually trying their own product.

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              KimXT Level 1

              Hi. I have tested a few things, and cant define what screen the sec. monitor is.
              I have a 6 screen setup, 3 4K monitors and 3 1080p monitors. My monitor 1, 2 and 3 is the 4k's, and 4,5 and 6 is the 1080p


              I want Lightroom on my main screen 1, and my sec, screen on monitor 2, both 4k's.. but for some reason i cant do that. When i turn on the sec. screen in lightroom, i get the picture on 1080p screen.


              Why isnt there a option in LIghtroom where i can adress what monitor it should show on?


              I know i can enter the sec. screen in not full screen, and can drag it around, but every time i get into lightroom it dont remember the setup and where the window is and size.

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                manuelaw98189123 Level 1

                Hey KimXT,

                meanwhile it`s March. Did you find a solution?

                I have same issue with the set-Up

                • MAC PRO (end 2013) 3,7 GHz Quad-Core / AMD FirePro D500
                • DELL P2751Q as first screen
                • Cinema HD as second
                • DELL E198FP as third
                • LR 6.6.1

                MIsbehaviour is : When opening second display in LR, the window pops up on the first screen and I can only drag the window to the second screen


                Would be great to get a short feedback:-))

                best regards from Frankonia

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                  Jeffb2009 Level 2

                  bottom line is Lightroom cannot do this in a professional way. Yes there are work arounds, disconnecting displays, starting lightroom, going into dual screen then restarting other displays but really? this is 2017 and still no decent....actually, not even half decent....dual monitor display.


                  I'm not big on going onto a companies forum and promoting someone else's product but reality is so many people are having problems with LR and Adobe have yet to address any of the issues that I feel it fair to help other professionals with the solution that has worked for me. Capture One. plain and simple. Runs crazy fast, amazing color engine and dual screen support is FANTASTIC!!!!!

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                    KimXT Level 1

                    I have not found any sollution, and almost stop using Lightroom.
                    The answer from Jeffb2009, i really like, gona test that program the comming days i think. It is really amazing that a big company like Adobe have not yet adress this issue so many people have, and for so many years.



                    Using 3 or more monitors are getting more and more common this days, and i cant live without 3. My 6 screen setup is really pimping my workflow and i'm working so mutch faster with screens to move my head to, then jump around programs on 1 or 2 monitors.

                    Dont know how Capture One is compare to Lightroom yet, but the videos i have so far seen is really nice. Seems Capture one is also a lot faster then lightroom.

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                      KimXT Level 1

                      After a little time now, i see this movie:
                      Bye Bye Adobe Lightroom - YouTube


                      I must say i am in the same ship this person is at, and will think about moving completly away from Lightroom. I cant find any answers from Adobe on LIghtroom on the most common problems they have had for years, and if this is not gona be adress, or done anything about, why stick around with Lightroom, when there are others out there that focus.  LIghtroom is really falling behind. As i told in last post, Lightroom is really slow compate to other program that focus on using the power from modern computers and GPU's.