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    Content Shifting Off of Page When Changing the Margins to Two Columns


      I am new to InDesign, and am having a hard time finding the right solution to my problem.


      I have created a document in InDesign CC2015, and decided to change the margins to include two columns. Upon doing so, the content of my page has shifted off of the page. On the left facing pages, the content shifts left, and on the right facing pages, the content shifts to the right.


      This is a work in progress document (400+ pages already), where I export and send out the file every week or so. I have manually moved the objects back onto the pages, but this takes a lot of work. When I add a new page to the document, it shifts all the content all over again.


      Why does this happen? Is there a way to keep the content from shifting off of the page?


      Is there a way to "auto-fit" the content to the two columns I have created in the margins and columns option with out recreating the whole document? I have seen how to align an object to the margins, but my content includes both text and objects.


      I have also heard of Layout Adjustment and Liquid Layout, but do not fully grasp what these mean and how to use them, as well as, how to apply them to my document or if these are the solution to my problem.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. A step by step process would be best for me to follow.