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    Problems with Nikon D500 and Lightroom


      I purchased a few weeks ago Nikon D500 (C1.02/LD2.013). When I open the photos that were taken with this camera in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (version 6.6.1, Camera Raw 9.6), jpg-photos look just like they should but raw-photos (NEF) look very weird and the histogram also shows that there’s something wrong in the photo. When I open the photos in ViewNX-i, both jpg- and raw-files are ok and the histograms are as they should be.

      I have other Nikon cameras (f.ex. Nikon D7000) and there’s no problems with the raw-files in Lightroom. The raw-photos that were taken with Nikon D500 are someway different and Lightroom/Camera Raw seems to also do something to them quite a long time (longer than normally) when opening photos for development.

      I have tested this problem with different setups in the camera (f.ex. sRGB -> Adobe RGB) and also tried to change settings in Lightroom, but nothing helps. I have also contacted Nikon Helpdesk  but they said it’s Adobes problem, not theirs…. (that’s true because in ViewNX-i the raw-photos are ok, but I prefer Lightroom and would’t want to change it to something else).

      Could anyone please help me to solve this problem?