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    Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.6.1 with Camera Raw 9.6 and X-Pro2 compressed RAF broken in import screen


      After my Mac installed Apple's Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 6.21 which includes support for Fujifilm X-Pro2 RAF files in uncompressed format, my Adobe Lightroom import functionality does not seem to be able to show previews of compressed X-Pro2 RAF files nor find duplicates (in case I did not format the SDXC card after last import). Photoshop has option that says "Prefer Adobe Camera Raw for Supported Raw Files", but I can't find similar option in Lightroom. Everything is updated to latest version and I still can't see any previews after Apple's update. Lightroom can still import those compressed files, but previewing and duplicate detection seems to be broken now. I changed the camera settings to use uncompressed RAF and after that Lightroom previews do work. Problem is that previewing was working with compressed RAF files as well before the Apple's 6.21 update to RAW compatibility. I can now get around this bug in Lightroom by using uncompressed RAF, but these use three times more disk space (and I prefer to have original files, i.e. I do not convert photos to DNG). Have any of you noticed the same problem after 6.21 update? Any ideas how to get this working without waiting for a bugfix from either Adobe or Apple?