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    Unable to import DNG photos from iPhone

    bmoag Level 1

      The title says it all.

      The instructions on the Adobe site refer to a version of LightRoom for IOS that is utterly different from the latest version I just downloaded as none (as in none) of the screens and options illustrated are in my version of the App.

      I can record DNG images but can not get them off the phone in that version.

      There are choices like "Present" which means nothing and does nothing and for which I can find no explanation.

      I have signed into my Adobe account on the App and the desktop. When I plug the phone into the computer and click import Lightroom shows me exactly 7 of the many images that are recorded on the phone, all jpegs.

      I have been using Photoshop for many, many years and admit I find Lightroom useless for my purposes but is this behavior Adobe's revenge for my disdain of Lightroom?

      So are there clear instructions that pertain to the current versions of both Lightroom for IOS and Lightroom CC?