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    Restore Backup Catalog says multiple disks when on 1 external HD


      1 year old WD 750GB drive/RAM with no known issues/backup drive Toshiba 3TB no known issues

      Mac OS Mountain Lion 10.8.5


      Adobe Photoshop/Premiere Elements 13

      Someone please help, searching hrs has gone nowhere:


      I had to reinstall my OS, applications including Elements oddly absent from Time Machine backup. So I had to manually reinstall/update them. In previously OS installation, I kept backups religiously on the single external drive. This is for a lengthy project in Premiere that has taken about 9 mths to archive 20 yrs of photos/videos etc in Organizer, & has mths of work in keywords, tags, info notes, video clip marks, etc.


      Now, trying to do a restore I can't seem to get it to. Elements claims it is on several disks when clearly it is not. It does part, then claims ready for the next disk. It is possible I didn't do the backups properly. HOWEVER, I always backed up & this is a perfect example of the huge FAIL of Adobe not to include instructions either written or software inclusive for basic(and clearly crucial) functions without requiring internet for those of us in remote locations where it's unreliable or nonexistent (perfect example would be if I were suddenly needing instructions/troubleshoot the software in a remote Madagascar jungle - no internet no instructions brilliant Adobe!). If they will not, the tiny booklet included w/the software should provide a link to download the entire software instructions to your computer.


      Anyway, I first did a FULL backup then INCREMENTAL ever since. I do recall issues with it giving odd messages you can't do an INCREMENTAL backup in a previous backup or something to that effect. Oddly the only place it'd let you click to even do the INCREMENTAL was typically the previous .tly file. At some point I did a second folder hoping (incorrectly) it'd solve this & some of the backup went there - even though it wouldn't seem you need a new folder EVERY incremental backup, It didn't seem right it would only let you do INCREMENTAL backups over previous(overwrite) if it shouldn't. But now I don't know & wonder if this is the root of my issue? I cannot find any info to solve this(by perhaps moving the files around in the external drive so it can successfully restore?), nor anything to tell me I screwed up & Adobe let me overwrite something I shouldn't have. It appears the backup catalog is the right size & is all there. Oddly, the most recent backup 9/10 files are not in either folder but outside them.

      Please help!

      MANY thanks in advance!

      Mark Lucas

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are you really using Mountain Lion? Apple has dropped two operating systems, with a third on the way, since.


          I don't know why these Time Machine backups are messing up the program. I'm also not sure what you mean when you say that Premiere Elements "claims it is on several discs."


          You also say you re-installed your operating system -- but did you do this from a disc or download or did you restore your computer from Time Machine? That makes a difference. And why did you reinstall your operating system? What situation were you trying to remedy? If you're still using the same hard drive, it might be worth running a Disk Utility checkup on it. Mac hard drives are notorious for failing after a couple of years and, if your problem is mechanical, reinstalling the OS is not going to fix the problems. In fact, run Disk Utility anyway, just to check for disc integrity.


          Also, how did you reinstall Premiere Elements? From a download or a disc? Is all of the media from your project in the same folder? (I'm not going to deal with your Organizer issues for now, since that may be even more complicated.)


          What happens when you open your Premiere Elements project?


          In short, you've got a complicated problem -- one I've never seen before -- so it's going to take some troubleshooting to get to the root of your problems.


          Meantime, although Adobe hasn't issues a manual for the program, I've been writing my Muvipix.com Guides for every generation of the program since version 7. If you'd like to learn how to use every tool in the program, you may want to order a copy from Amazon. (Shameless plug -- but you asked.)

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            markl94196205 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Steve. Wow that's a lot of ?'s - some clearly don't apply & some may. For starters, the top of my post got cut off when I had to drag it back in as it wouldn't post(session ended I don't know).  Anyway, it says:

            Macbook Pro 17(2008 model)

            I'm using Mtn Lion for now as some of my older pgms conflict with newer OS, iPhoto for one.


            The OS was originally installed by Mac App store downld last Sept.  Before doing so, I saved the file elsewhere in case it was needed later for a reinstall minus internet(common theme here). It was reinstalled this time via USB flash drive.

            OS was reinstalled as precaution. Although there were never any problems in Elements, the Mac had power loss a few times on bty without warning(needs replaced). This never occurred in Elements always on AC then. On occasion it acted odd or slow since these outages so a reinstall seemed wise (Disk Utility was used & never could find or correct anything other than iTunes permission issues - nor does it now)

            At least in my experience, the OEM Mac HD didn't fail early. At 7 yrs old(!!!) it gave no issues & still doesn't(in fact thanks to it & Migration Asst I retrieved some of my pgms). But it was nearly full & clearly time to replace + get faster drive for Elements.


            In both setup asst & migration asst, it clearly saw my external Time Machine drive. You clicked it & next menu it spun a wheel to no end claiming it was looking for it(I 've since found this is not an uncommon issue).


            Elements 13 was installed both times via DVD purchased from a retailer.

            To clarify, what I mean by multiple disks is trying to restore the catalog it oddly says my catalog is on 3 disks if I have them click ok. So, methodically (earliest first) I did the 2 folders 1 at a time which it did ok. But clicking on what's left to restore (not in a folder), it oddly keeps saying it's "not part of this backup". Clearly it's not done, but I click cancel to see what it HAS done. In the internal Mac HD the catalog is there but of course missing ALOT.

            When I open Organizer, nothing is there(where most of my mths of work is & am understandably freaked out).


            Using Time Machine, I was able to manually restore the Premiere Elements autosave folders etc,, & good news is opening my projects(very basic right now just edited soundtrk) they do but ask to reconnect the files. I did, & the edits are there. 


            On this new OS, I'm unsure if it'd contribute to my issues but I hadn't yet manually restored w/Time Machine the original photo/video etc folders where Elements had sourced them, & just did that(240gb!). I was always under impression Elements backs EVERYTHING up but...

            I also noticed reconnecting the audio there are 3 duplicates with -2 & -3 prefixes(from my 3 attempts to restore I suspect) so I've deleted this failed catalog restore from the Mac HD to start from scratch.


            Essentially, I guess this could now be treated like a fresh reinstall of Elements & I need to be walked through the backup catalog ext.drive file structure to ensure it's how it's supposed to be for a chance at doing a proper catalog restore?


            I hope this lengthy reply has my situation totally clarified now. Thanks for any further help w/my issue it's greatly appreciated!



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I'm sorry, Mark. But all of these interactions with Time Machine and different operating systems and moving files around may be a bit beyond my area of expertise. I'm not sure I'm going to be of much help to you. Sorry.

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                markl94196205 Level 1

                Steve, you give the impression from your initial bombardment of odd ?'s & second response either you don't fully read/comprehend my posts or aren't very familiar w/Elements backup catalogs & how to restore them.  Time Machine or its problems is irrelevant to my problem. It wasn't used to restore the OS or Elements.  Same as my original installation this reinstall of Elements was done w/the original DVD's, & the internal Mac HD's  photo/video source files used by Elements are EXACTLY as before.


                All I need is someone that understands Elements backup catalog file/folder structure to confirm if mine on the external drive catalog is as it typically should be or needs any tweaking, and how to properly restore a catalog that indicates it is on 3 disks. Anyone very familiar w/Elements & restoring catalogs will surely be able to help me head in the right direction?


                Additional assistance on this forum would be greatly appreciated. I did locate a post where someone had to rearrange their backup folder structure & manually put things back in the internal HD(whereby Elements Organizer back working correctly), but it was a Windows system not Mac.



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                  markl94196205 Level 1

                  To be more specific, here are the msgs I'm getting in Elements restore function(surely someone from Adobe or this forum can "decode" these odd msgs & help solve my problem maybe by a manual restore? I surely can't understand them!) :


                  When "Restore From" is set to the external drive back up catalog "My Catalog" folder & destination selected, clicking "restore" the msg says "You are restoring from an incremental backup. This will require a total of 3 backup discs from 3 backup sessions. Click ok if you have these ready". To me clearly this is the FULL backup (minus the later incrementals). It is 237 gb when the total size of all my photos/videos is approx 241 gb? It is also dated earliest(when full backup was initially done).


                  If I set the "Restore From" to the only clickable file in that folder the .tly file, the msg is same except it says 2 backup discs?


                  Selecting the only other Elements backup folder I created a later date on this same external drive titled "Adobe organizer backup" the msg is same. If I click the only clickable file in THAT folder (.tly file) it says "3 discs" instead of 2. The remaining backups thru 9/10 are on this drive but apparently not in a folder. Clicking the .tly in that group gives the "3 discs" msg again.


                  Now the oddest msg of all(maybe the most revealing).....

                  if I select this external drive itself to "Restore From", a "!"msg appears. It says "The disc in drive WD 750 gb does not contain a valid backup") ??? This is my main internal drive - I didn't even select it!


                  I did find a forum post of someone who also had all the original folders/image files back on the internal drive exactly as Elements used them previous who successfully did a manual restore in a very unorthodox way(but using Windows). They copied the "My Catalog" folder from their old computer into a Catalogs folder they created on the new computer under pgmdata/Adobe/ElementsOrganizer. Not only were all his photos/tags etc back in PSE 13 but NO DUPLICATES. I found the exact adjacent folder 13.0 & file UUID as him in a similar folder under Library on my Mac. When I tried, at 237 gb it clearly was duplicating the image files. Maybe my folder wasn't in the correct location & somebody can point me right & do a manual restore on Mac?


                  It appears all my backup data is on the external backup drive, maybe just needs shuffling around or worst case manual restore as the example above?


                  Can someone from Adobe or this forum that understands backup catalogs & how to decode these msgs to get me back up & running PLEASE HELP??? It'd be GREATLY appreciated!


                  At this stage, I'm in disbelief I put so much faith in entrusting Adobe to simply & RELIABLY do something as basic as safekeep many mths hard work to a backup then simply put back in essentially an Elements reinstallation?  Is it too much to ask it not be so involved & problem riddled?  If this can't be resolved very soon so I can get back to work, I don't see me putting faith in using an Adobe product again.


                  Mark Lucas