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    Transparent backround on Video Watermark

    Meri Kenaz

      Good day support team!


      I have this issue:


      I am trying to save a watermark video file, with a transparent background, to use over videos I am editing on the iPad. Adobe Premier Clip has the watermark functionality, but I am not finding success in saving the video file (originally .mov) in the correct format in order for CC, and Clip, to read it as a clear background.


      Is this action possible, and how should I go to work to achieve this?


      I posted the same question in the below thread, as I was looking for the nearest similar question already asked:

      Re: transparent background turns white on saving. Any ideas? Trying to create a watermark image for copyrite layer

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          Meri Kenaz Level 1

          Hi Sheena


          Thanks for getting back to me!


          This does help, in that it seems to be a possibility, however I am still not sure about the process of how to save the video animation as a png video/sequence. I am no photoshop expert, so please pardon my ignorance.


          Can you please suggest the process I need to follow to load and change a .mov file into photoshop to change it to a png sequence?



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          MERI KENAZ

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            Meri Kenaz Level 1

            I am finding some measure of success to create the animation in photoshop. Although it seems to be a process of reinventing the wheel, and the background seems to go to black, as opposed to the desired transparent background.

            I'm still at it, and would appreciate your assistance...


            What I need to know is which format to save the video in to allow blank background and acceptance by CC assests as a useable watermark.

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              petergaraway Adobe Employee

              Hello Meri,


              From your post it sounds like you're wanting to create a .png sequence or an alpha .mov file. Is that correct? The watermark feature in Premiere Clip only supports a .png still image. 


              Let me know what you're hoping to create and I'll try to provide the best workflow. If you have any examples that you can share that would be very helpful!




              Peter Garaway

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                Meri Kenaz Level 1

                Thank you Peter!


                Yes, that is what I am wanting to achieve. It will be greatly advantageous to manage this using the iPad only.


                Please have a look at the channel I am working for...



                All the videos have an intro, outro, and the spinning globe watermark over the videos. This is what I am hoping is possible to create using ios apps.


                Any help with the workflow will be hugely appreciated!

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                  petergaraway Adobe Employee

                  Unfortunately at this time Clip does not support a second layer of video which is what you're trying to achieve. Clip only supports a still image and in the png format. That means your globe logo would have to be a transparent still .png image. Let me know if you need help there on how to create it.They may be some other applications out there that could help you accomplish that but I'm not aware of them.


                  Since you’re using the same Intro/Outro and watermark on your shows using the guides in the link Sheena provided can really streamline your video creating process by appending the bumper (outro) and enabling the watermark in your preferences.  


                  BTW: I also like your Mother Channel logo that you have a FaceBook. That could make for a really nice watermark as well.




                  Peter Garaway