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    Adobe Premiere CC 2015 GPU


      Hello all


      After a quick bit of advice.


      I have the choice between a GTX980Ti or a GTX1080 for Adobe Premiere CC 2015.


      Out of these two cards, what would you all recommend opting for?


      I know the GTX980Ti works well with Premiere but I don't think that the GTX1080 has been tested and supported (but then again I could be wrong on both points).


      Thanks in advance, Chris.

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          Both work great. I've been doing a lot of testing in the past two weeks on these two models and I'd summarize my findings as:

          • GTX 980 Ti and GTX 1080 are both great cards for Premiere Pro for high-end systems (6/8/10 core i7 and dual-Xeon); both are very fast for rendering and both work well for RED 4k, 4.5k, and 6k playback
          • GTX 980 Ti remains a fantastic card for Premiere Pro and is likely to cost less (than similar 1080 models)
          • GTX 1080 definitely uses less power during renders and may be quieter in your system for the same reason (if everything else is equal)
          • GTX seems to idle cooler


          Bottom line, you can't really go wrong with either card. I'd vote for the 1080 if the additional cost is not a concern.