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    Colouring scanned art in Sketch?


      Hi - I recently bought an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil so I could use Sketch to colour pages for my graphic novel. I normally draw on paper and scan it in, and colour it in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet, but it's laborious and time-consuming and I was hoping being able to do it direct on the screen with the Apple Pencil would make it more natural and enjoyable (and quicker).


      I've found how to import the scan of the black and white drawing into Sketch, but it doesn't appear that there is a blending mode available (like Multiply in Photoshop) that would make it possible to colour a layer beneath the line art and be able to see through it. I don't want to reduce the opacity of the line art because I need the lines to be nice and black.


      Is there any way I can do this - it seems like a fairly simple operation, but it is looking worryingly as though it's not possible?


      Thanks in advance


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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Scarlett,


          No. I'm sorry. There's not a feature like that in Sketch. What's worse is that I can't think of a workaround that might work for you.


          I'll share your workflow with the team (actually I've already asked one of our engineers about it)... it's one that I don't hear often.


          I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful.



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            cherlita Level 3

            Hello, Scarlett,


            Here is a fun work-around using Watercolor brushes that I enjoy. in Sketch. I hope it is helpful to you.


            1. Open in a new Canvas in Sketch.

            2. Press the + icon to add a new layer, and choose Image Layer. Navigate to your scan and import it.

            You can scale the imported scan to your liking, and when you are finished scaling, click "Done."

            3. Now for the coloring! Add a new Drawing layer by pressing the + icon. Choose a Watercolor brush, for instance the Watercolor Flat, or the Watercolor Round brush. Choose a color, and paint transparent colored washes onto your image.

            4. Additionally, you can use several layers if needed. The opacity of the drawing layers with colored washes and the image layer can be adjusted. To adjust the opacity of a layer, give the layer a long-press and the layer dialog will open. Adjust the layer opacity using the slider.


            I hope you have fun with this Watercolor work-around.


            Happy sketching,


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              cherlita Level 3

              PS: Scarlett,

              Please note that in the work-around that I shared, the drawing layer with the transparent color is above the imported scan layer.

              I hope this is helpful to you.


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                Let it be known... I am also requesting blending modes for layers! I wish to use a method similar to this for my illustrations. I'd like color blending modes that affect the color layers individually so that I can keep the grayscale of my sketches.

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                  Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  Hi Brooke.


                  In the new version of Sketch (4.0), released yesterday, there are blend modes for layers. Are you using that version?



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                    brookiebrooke Level 1

                    Yes, thank you!