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    [NEED HELP] Live changing text in AE


      Hello. I'm newbie with this software. However, first thing I want to learn is how to live change text in AE ?

      Let's say i'm filming my phone and it shows that my battery is 50%. What kinds of tutorials should I follow to make that 50% increase live.

      I mean 51,52,53,54 and it would constantly grow to my set number.

      However, even if I move my phone that number should still keep growing.

      Thank you in advance for your answers

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          imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

          Ok... so:
          1. put a text layer with any number in it

          2. add to a text layer Slider Control - from Effects & Prests
          3. pick whip Source Text parameter to Slider Control Slider

          4. To round the numbers - edit your expression from: effect("Slider Control")("Slider")   to    Math.round(effect("Slider Control")("Slider"))
          5. put 40 in Slider parameeter and put a keyframe
          6. go to time on timeline where you wish your countdown to end
          7. put exact number that will be the last one - f.eg. 72 (it should create second keframe on slider parameter)
          8 Play it back and enjoy.



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