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    end of trial period


      End of lightroom trial period then i purchased it and downloaded from amazon on may 28 /16 it has been working fine but the top it is telling me I'm at the end of trial period  and now this morning it is telling me it can't read my camera to download pic's   thanks Brian

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Two problems in your post-


          1. Read the message carefully. The "end of trial period"  is possibly just telling you that the 'mobile syncing' available with a subscription photography plan is ending. As you have the standalone version, mobile sync is not available (after the trial period).

          You have signed in with your Serial key number to register LR?


          2. Can you quote the exact error message when LR "can't read my camera" ?  A common response to a message like this is that the destination set in the import dialog is not available, possibly not having full Read/Write permissions. Check the import destination carefully.