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    CS4 Re-installation problem


      Could not re-install CS4 InDesign from my product disk.   After I type in my serial number (which is printed on the CD case), it prompts me for a serial number from an earlier version of PageMaker.  This is absurd.  I have no PageMaker product.  I own the InDesign CS4 disk (and package).  I've owned it since like 2009.  It ran fine on my computer for years.  I had a computer system problem which forced me to re-install it, and it won't install as it should.


      {{Computer system information:  Running Windows 7.  Completely up-to-date with all MS updates, etc.  Prior to the problem, InDesign CS4 ran error-free for years}}


      Just out of desperation, I have re-installed it as a "free trial."  I'm going to have to get this resolved as soon as possible.  Thanks in advance for any help rendered.


      There is a second issue here: Adobe's "technical support" chat; which is horrible and possibly criminal.  I'm going to enter this as a completely second discussion related to this.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Your serial number is for a Pagemaker to InDesign upgrade. You need the Pagemaker serial number to verify it.

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            georgen52659257 Level 1

            Bob - thanks greatly for your immediate reply.  Now my question obviously becomes, what the heck to I do next?  I used PageMaker waaay back in the beginning.  Literally since Version 1.0.  But I haven't had a PageMaker disk on hand for probably over ten years.  I'm positive my ownership of it would have been registered with Adobe, but I sure don't have that info any more.


            Is there ANY way I can either obtain from Adobe my PageMaker serial number?  Or is there some other means to get this thing past that window?  Can I petition Adobe to get it working?  Is there a telephone number I can call and talk to a real, honest-to-god person?


            I definitely DO NOT want to go to CS6.  I use my InDesign infrequently.  No way am I going to pay a monthly operating fee for something I use maybe four time a year.


            Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              If you registered your copy of Pagemaker you can retrieve the serial number online by logging into your Adobe.com account using the ID you used when you registered (typically your email). Once logged in, choose manage Account, then My Products.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                If you still have the Pagemaker disk that will probably work, too, to verify the eligible product, even without the serial number.

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                  georgen52659257 Level 1

                  Thanks Peter - I truly doubt I have the original PageMaker disk around anymore.  I know I kept the (very good) manual for ages but I even tossed that the last time I moved.


                  Here's my conundrum: I actually recall the email address I used to register my PageMaker versions (its an old Yahoo email address).  But that email address has been extinct for probably 9 years now.  I probably still have a valid Adobe account with that email address, but lordy, I don't have a clue as to what PW I used.  And if I try to "get a new password," they'll send the email to that old email address.


                  I just spent about an hour looking through old backup data CD's.  I used to religiously do a full data backup twice per year and I still have those old CD's.  But so far I haven't come across a little file that tells me what my PW was for Adobe.  Back then I used to have a pretty good memory.  But I'm morphing into and Olde Farte and nowadays I write everything down.


                  Bottom line is, I know the old email that the PageMaker was registered under, but the PW is probably lost.


                  And another related topic is that I wouldn't even mind re-purchasing an InDesign product.  I do not want anything cloud based (i.e. rental).  I want to own the software and have it on my own machine.  If Adobe would sell me some version of InDesign that I could install and use on my Windows 7 machine, I'd gag but be willing to pony up for the cost of buying a replacement.

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    I'm in that older age bracket myself and understand the problems with lost passwords on defunct email accounts. I've been keeping a spreadsheet with licensing info for years to keep track of what is installed on, at its license number, each of my multiple computers. I'm afraid I don't have any more suggestions that you can try yourself, but if we're lucky we will get a staff response on Monday, and they should be able to contact you directly and probably even recover a serial number for you, without needing to access your computer at all.


                    I still find it hard to believe that this happened on official Adobe chat. Are you absolutely sure you weren't using some other "tech support" service? The internet is littered with scammers, and they manage to post here on the forum sometimes (we delete their posts and accounts when we see them, but the system isn't perfect). These people sound convincing, but they just want your financial data.


                    Good luck on the house sale -- I know what an all consuming task that is.

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                      Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                      Just to clarify, the latest versions of inDesign e.g. CC2015.4 are not "cloud based", you download the InDesign application on to your computers (two computers are allowed), and you use it in the normal way. Adobe checks online periodically that you're up-to-date with your subscription. If you only want to use it occasionally you can take a monthly payment subscription and suspend payments when you don't need to use InDesign.

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                        georgen52659257 Level 1

                        Regarding the chat location, the link was directly from the Adobe Support website.  I have no reason to doubt that the first two or three tech support individuals were from an outsourced (to India) tech support.  All the screen names were of that variety.  I still have reservations as to whether or not there were real humans on the response end: it all behaved as though they were zero intelligence robots who would cheerily respond to key words without any innate understanding.  It's possible they were children following strict rules to respond to expert Q&A panels.  One thing that was really apparent: they WOULD NOT allow your appeal to a higher level.  It just went on and on endlessly.  On the final day (that would be last Wednesday, I kept insisting to the individual that this needed some higher level to move forward.  That led to the "final tech support" and the troubles reported on in the other discussion.


                        The final tech support acted human.  I don't know if there was a re-direct at this time from the base level to a non-Adobe location.  As soon as Gaurav Sharma installed Adobe Connect and took control, I began to have reservations.  I had the InDesign disk in my disk drive.  At no time did he move to open the Installer or do anything visually related to InDesign.  Although I could move the mouse cursor, I couldn't communicate to him through the texting field.  After I saw four financial account names go by (twice) in search windows, I repeatedly tried typing into the text box, "what are you doing?" without any visual effect.  I don't know if he was seeing my queries or not.  I stared dumbly at the screen for another ten minutes or so as the mouse cursor basically sat in the middle of the screen and then I shut down the computer.   End of story.


                        Regarding getting my InDesign up and working, last night I had the bright idea that maybe if I let the trial period go to completion, I will get the option to PURCHASE it.  Even though I already own the disk, perhaps if I pay a ransom to get the 'non-update' authorization, maybe that'll do it.


                        I'm a retired professional engineer who does a lot of spare-time writing.  There are times I absolutely depend on my InDesign. I'm not an expert user, but I've been using either PageMaker or InDesign for a solid 30 years.  I can really get production out of it when I want to do something.  So yes, I would very much like to get this problem resolved.


                        And finally, I can see that THIS is the place to come to, and not that gawdawful chat "tech support."


                        Thanks again for all the very good assistance.

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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          Do you have the link you followed?

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                            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                            Writing for publication is best done in a  word processor first, such as MSWord.

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                              georgen52659257 Level 1

                              Thanks Derek - over the past 30+ years, I've typed probably a couple million words in various versions of MS Word.  I've used it since Version 1.0.  When I want to assemble them into a publication that stretches Word's page assembly abilities, I've always used InDesign (and of course, its predecessor, PageMaker).  Sometimes I'll even use Canvas.

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                                georgen52659257 Level 1

                                Here's the link.  I also have two case numbers from this series.

                                Contact Customer Care


                                First case number:  0219698833

                                Second case number:  0188179668

                                The second case number was where I encountered Gaurav S.





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                                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                  Thank you.


                                  I'll add these to the message I posted earlier in the Back Room for our staff contacts to look at this.