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    Adobe Acrobat doesn't recognise all of my text fields from a pdf created in Indesign?


      Hello to all,


      I have seen a similar question but no answer to it. I am making pdf documents in Indesign for a client and saving them off as interactive pdf files. I create lots of pages of text fields for my clients customer to fill in. When I test the pdf in Preview on my mac all text fields work, however if you open the pdf in Acrobat some text fields are randomly missing and I have no idea why.


      In Acrobat it shows a black outlined box where the text field should be but it is not a text field and it won't let you delete the black outlined box. I'm having to recreate the missing text fields in Acrobat over the top of the blank black outlined boxes.


      Can someone help as it is so random, and I am creating a lot of documents for them, some all fine some have two or three text fields missing.