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    Typekit Locking me out of Muse


      I just tried opening my most recent .muse file in Adobe Muse and was not only NOT able to access the file, I was also not able to close the file, nor open up any other .muse files ...or even shut down the Muse application using the "Quit Muse" menu option. 


      A small screen appeared stating that I was using 'Typekit' fonts that were not a part of "my plan" with a link to "learn more" by going to the Typkit plan website.

      I am quite frustrated on several levels, the first being my inability to move in or out of Muse without having to "Force Quit" from my Mac System's menu.  The second being that since I am paying $49.99 per month for the all access Creative Cloud plan, when did Adobe adopt this limited Typekit plan where after a certain amount of "page views" one needs to spend more money to access the very fonts that were allowed initially.


      Lastly, if Adobe Muse doesn't allow me to access the .muse file using these "prohibited" Typekit fonts, then how in the world am I able to change these fonts to non-Typekit fonts so that I can continue displaying the client's website online???


      I am not only frustrated.... I am also very angry.  Hopefully this is some sort of "bug" or glitch".   Any insight will be most appreciated

      Thank you....