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    Elements 14 on MAC slow

    Media import



      I have Elements 14 on my MAC and it is so horrible slow - in everything, opening pictures, Backups, access to external HDD to open backup file...

      My Machine:

      Prozessortyp: Intel Core i7

      Speed: 4 GHz; 4 cores

      RAM: 16 GB

      Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M295X; 4 GB RAM

      Software: OS X 10.11.6

      Network: gigabit network access on server

      45.000 pictures + movies


      Have anybody an idea what needs to be changed to fix the speed issue?

      Do you have the same problems on a mac?






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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There is absolutely no reason the program should run slow on that machine. My iMac is only a several year old dual-core computer with 4 gig of RAM and it works without hesitation. You must have some other issue going on. It's definitely not the program.


          Meantime, you don't mean to imply that you are loading 45,000 photos into a single Premiere Elements project, do you? I assume you may be talking about the Elements Organizer rather than Premiere Elements. And, in that case, you may need to leave the program running for a day or so in order for the Organizer to create a catalog of your photo files and analyze and tag them. Once it has created your media file catalog, it will run very quickly.


          Likewise, Premiere Elements doesn't do backups. Are you confusing Premiere Elements and the Organizer?


          Premiere Elements is a video editing program. Are you editing video with it? If so, what model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is it?

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Dont think Elements will work well over a network.

            Best is to have everything local.

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              Media import Level 1

              I have both - organizer and Photoshop Elements. In my library they are both called Elements. Sorry for the confusion.

              In the organizer I have 45.000 pics and movies.


              I just started the organizer and got the question, wether I'd like to backup my files. I clicked yes and it took 4 Minutes and 38 Sec. to prepare the files.

              Now I have chosen an incremental update. It looks 17 Minutes to calculate the media size.

              To access the external USB3 HDD it takes 15 Minutes to show up all files, than the program crashed.


              To delete a picture (including from HDD) takes 15 seconds! 16 pics took 32 seconds.

              I can flip through the pictures quite quick - so the network performance should be ok. I measured 10MB/sec.


              I hope this helps to understand my problems. Currently I`m not working with the Elements movie editor.




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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                So at least we're clear that your concern has nothing at all to do with Premiere Elements. That's where I was confused!


                As I've said, when the Organizer is first installed, it needs to build a catalog and analyze your media. It will get faster as it continues to build out the catalog and analyze your media. 45,000 photos is a lot of photos! It may take a while for it to build out its catalog and analyze all of your photos and their metadata.


                I don't know what's contributing to the crashing. I've never seen that with the Organizer.

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                  Media import Level 1

                  The 45k are already in the catalog and analyzed. I only have added my new vacation pics.

                  I have no idea what to change to fix it...

                  I gues, I will change to the Apple Foto App. It is so frustrating to wait all the time.