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    Lightroom CC Book module and Develop module


      So I'm working on this book using the Book module, most current copy of LR from the cloud.  I've got about 400 pictures in the book.  Now what I would like to do is go through the pictures in the book and bring them up in the Develop module so I can make sure they are optimized (color corrected, sharpened up, looking their best).


      If I was in the library module I would have selected a picture and pressed 'D' to go to the Develop module.  So I'm in the Book module and I want to select an image and go to Develop to review it.  It appears the 'D' works but it just takes me to Develop and shows the last image I had open not the one I have selected in the Book module.


      Anyone know if this can be done?  And if not, how do you go about jumping through collections looking for 400 images to deal with?



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          wobertc Adobe Community Professional

          Normal workflow would be-

          Select an image on the Filmstrip below the book layout and press [D]

          Or click on the image in the Book pages layout and press [D]


          If this is not working for you (and you have opening the incorrect image) then maybe a Preferences reset or a deletion of the Previews folder, may correct.

          Have you created a "Saved Book"?  from the tab above the book layout. (not a standard collection)

          Do you always work from the 'saved book' in the Collections panel?

          Can you open the 'Saved Book' collection from library grid view and select and develop an image from there?