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    need actionscript onLoad help


      I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm working on a project that someone else started. I have a main movie called "interface" with navigation off to the bottom right. When one of the nav items is clicked on (for example, "contact"), the contact.swf movie is then loaded on the left side of the site (via an empty movie clip called "holder"). Right now there's some fairly complicated actionscript that does this and I've just created a form page that I now need to perform a similar function without all of that actionscript.

      Basically on the contact page (contact.swf) there's an Email Us movie clip that performs as a button, I'd like for that contact us page to change from contact.swf to contact_form.swf when clicked. In other words I'd like the empty movie clip "holder" to play contact_form.swf instead of contact.swf. Can someone help me with the correct syntax? I was thinking it was holder.loadmovie, etc. but shouldn't there be some on(release) function as well?

      I'm confused, please forgive me.