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    Slow import into Synology NAS


      Hi All,


      I have recently got a Synology NAS and when I import my images from memory card (via Lexar USB 3 Card reader/workstation) directly onto the NAS, the import speeds are ridiculously slow. I am using Apple iMac, which is directly plugged into the NAS with Cat 6 Ethernet cable.


      When I had my Western Digital external 4TB drive, it imported fast no problems and now that I have the NAS it's extremely slow.


      If I drag and drop the images from the Memory card folder, into the folder I want them in on the NAS, it's very fast. But if importing through Lightroom (or ingesting through Photo Mechanic for that matter), the speed is very slow.


      Synology have responded and said the following:


      " It appears the speed issue is caused by the fact that Lightroom is being used for the file transfer from Lexar across to the NAS (Synology).

      Similar issues with other NAS brands would tell us that Lightroom is not ideal for making file transfers across the network in this manner, and we recommend modifying the workflow to import the photos into lightroom directly from the NAS if this is possible. The reason that your local attached 4TB External HDD was so fast was because there was no network involved."


      They suggest it has something to do with Lr writing the xmp metadata for each photograph which is taking up time when importing directly onto the NAS.


      So they are suggesting that I modify the workflow slightly, by dragging the contents of SD cards to the AFP Mounted folder where my RAW files are located, and then importing to Lightroom from that location?


      Obviously this is not ideal, and I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and knows a workaround.


      Thanks in advance