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    All photos disappeared. Why and how?


      Just downloaded LR Mobile to my iPhone SE today after seeing I could use it to shoot RAW on my phone. Tried it out at my son's soccer game. Took around 100 photos. They were all there in LR Mobile. My son looked at them on the drive home.


      Got home and opened up LR 6.0 (permanent license) on my Mac running El Cap. Wanted to see if I could upload the shots I'd taken. Clicked on one of the LR Mobile options in the Help menu and started poking around online learning how things worked. Checked out my acct in Preferences, which showed something about syncing being setup using a different, older catalog, though I have no recollection of doing this, haven't used that catalog in forever, and didn't even have a smartphone until two weeks ago. I switched it to my current catalog. (It said something about only one catalog can sync at time, which didn't strike me as a problem, since I was switching it to the catalog I wanted to upload photos to from my phone. I have zero intention of ever working on my DSLR photos from my desktop on my phone. I'm solely looking for a simple way to get my iPhone shots into my desktop LR.)


      Then learned that syncing wouldn't work without a CC license, which I don't plan to purchase. So I gave up that idea. Also noticed that the "sync with Lightroom Mobile" status above my name in the upper left corner of LR reads "Waiting for connection." It has never shown anything else.


      Went back to my phone to check out my images and see how I might upload them to my desktop some other way (also entered my Adobe sign-in info where it showed I'd been setup for a 30-day trail). All of the images that I took today are gone. I don't understand why syncing from my desktop would reach into my phone's memory and delete the images that I thought were on my phone, not in the cloud. (Are the images not stored in my phone's memory?) Especially since it doesn't appear to have ever actually connected.


      Any insight for me? And can I get the super cool images I took of my son scoring a goal in his game back?