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    select entire mask vs point on mask

    PremiereNoobSigh Level 1

      so after i've created a mask, how do i differentiate between selecting the entire mask to move around and selecting just 1 point within the mask to change


      cause ive been working with masks and i sometimes accidently do 1 or the other and i cant figure out for the life of me what im doing differently


      most of the times im selecting just a point on the mask to change, but once in awhile i can get it to select the entire mask, but idk how im doing it...some quick help would be much appreciated dealing with the exact keys/clicks i need to do either option

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A lot of folks have problems editing masks. The trick is to do your editing when the pen tool selected (g) and add in the modifier keys. You can group select, transform sections, or select a single point by pressing down Alt/Option or Ctrl/Cmnd and observing the changes in the cursor as you move over various elements in the frame. It just takes some getting used to. Trying to edit vertices using the selection tool (v) is never going to work very well.


          Maybe this will help: