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    Trouble capturing image from advc-55 converter (non-digital to digital)


      I purchased a used Canopus Grass Valley Thomson ADVC-55 DV Converter Analog Digital Video on Ebay.  It came with a firewire cable and I already purchased and installed a firewire card in my PC (Windows 7).


      I tested a digital capture previously using Premiere Elements which worked perfectly, so I know the card works.  I also connected my old analog camera which plays the tapes to my television via a VCR and the image comes out fine.


      However, when I use the converter, the image comes into Premiere Elements with the colors darkened and changed (greatly, not a little).  The seller on Ebay insists the unit works correctly and asked me to purchase a power supply which I did - no change.  I'm wondering if anyone has used Premiere Elements to capture an analog signal converted to digital and can provide some guidance or advice?


      Thanks in Advance,