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    LR Backup makes .zip.cpgz


      Hi guys,

      It seems like my LR catalog is damaged en it won't open. No worries, because i make backups every day.


      But now ..... the .zipfile opens as a .zip.cpgz file. And gets into a loop from .zip to .zip.cpgz, making a .zip again etc.etc.


      I read about programs like unarchiver but that didn't work. Is there hope to get a LR catalog opend again? What is the best place to get help for this?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          The extra extension is the result of the Temp file created during the zipping of the real backup file. In that same folder where you are seeing that .zip.cpgz file is also a copy of the real catalog file.


          LR backup system first copies the actual catalog file to a dated folder. It then starts the zipping process using that extra extension. It then creates the real zipped backup file and deletes the temp file it started out with and the copy of the real catalog file.


          So in that dated folder you should have a Real Copy of the actual catalog file.


          Go back a few days, dated folders in your LR backup location and see if you have actual Zip files and if not whether there are copies of the real catalog file. Open one of them.

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            Amelandfoto Level 1

            Hi Just Shoot Me!
            Thank you for your effort of writing me an answer. Unfortunately i don't quite understand what you are saying.

            The folder .zip.cpgz is not open, if i click it it makes a .zip folder again. (and when i am clicking that it makes a ..zip.cpgz again.

            The original catalog file is broken. I'll try to open it again and post what it says. Mac is backing up things now, so i'll do that soon.


            With the older .zip folders is have exact the same problem: .zip.cpgz

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              What operating system are you using? Windows or Mac OS X?


              That file is in a Dated Folder that LR creates every time it starts a backup of the catalog file.

              Every time LR starts to do a backup it creates a new Dated folder, 2016-09-18 then the time in 24 hour format 1345 for 1:45 PM (or whatever the time was when the backup was started), to store the backup in. In that same folder is a copy of the actual current catalog file. Since LR never really completed the backup process LR didn't have the chance to created the actual ZIP file or to delete the copy of the catalog file or the temp file that has that extra extension.


              You have to look in that dated Folder. Not knowing what OS you are using it is hard to give instructions so you can actually see that folder.


              LR backup.png

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                Amelandfoto Level 1

                I am using El Capitan OSX. I have found these backup folders. In that folder is a .zip but that is what goes wrong. I keep getting the .zip.cpgz




                I have tried to restore the original catalog. But is says:
                Schermafbeelding 2016-09-19 om 09.24.11.pngSchermafbeelding 2016-09-19 om 09.24.24.png

                That is in dutch, but means that the catalog is damaged en can be used when it is fixed.
                Then i clicked on "catalogus herstellen" (restore/fix catalog) and than the second box pops up saying that the catalog cannot be restored. Use a recent backup (but then i get in that .zip-problem) or check the technical information for other possibilties.


                Are there more possibilities to restore/fix the catalog?

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                  Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                  So all of the dated folders LR created to store a backup in only have one file ending in .lrcat.zip.cpgz?


                  Please post a screen shot of a Finder window showing the contents of one of those dated folders.


                  You could try removing the last extension, the .cpgz, and then trying to Un-zip that file to get back the backed up catalog file. Not sure if that will work.