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    Something went wrong downloading the asset, check network...

    mimiexpress Level 1

      I'm trying to download an asset, but I get a error message saying something like: "something went wrong downloading the asset, please check network..." When I open Illustrator, there is a message in the library window that says "to use creative cloud libraries please sign in to creative cloud" even though I am already signed in.  A couple of days ago I had issues with an image that I purchased, it downloaded as a JPEG instead of Vector file.  I shared my screen with one of your technician but something when wrong and after 5 minutes of sharing my screen we lost connection.  I don't know what this person did to my computer but it's since then that I am experiencing this issue.


      I hope we can solve this problem soon because I really need to get my work done by tomorrow


      thank you for you quick response