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    Has Fireworks been removed from CC?



      I had Fireworks installed on my computer for months (years if we count previous versions since it still was Macromedia's), but I had to do a Windows reinstalation this weekend, and now Fireworks is nowhere to be found along the other CC apps. and it's not even mentioned on the website. Although it's proper page still exists if you do a search: Bitmap image, vector graphics software | Download free Adobe Fireworks CS6 trial


      I know there were rumors of Adobe simply abandoning Fireworks, but I was just using it last week, it appeared between my other CC apps installed, and now simply it's gone... if that has been the case, I think Adobe should be giving us an official explanation. I have CC basically only for Dreamweaver and Fireworks. I'm not going to be paying the full subscription for now just 1 app, since no other Adobe app lets me do the same as Fireworks did...