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    Syncing audio and video for live band


      Recording my band's upcoming gig using my Canon 70D and a Zoom H4n Pro for recording audio.


      What is the best way to sync audio? There will be audio from the camera. Can I sync the better audio from the Zoom to this?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Do what the pros do: Use a visual/audio cue.


          Ever seen a TV show about moviemaking, where someone steps out with a clapper and says "Take one" and then claps the clapper shut? That's what he's doing. Creating a visual cue that will give the sound editor something to sync to.


          Having someone on-stage give you a clap is the easiest way to give yourself a visual/audio cue. Otherwise, you'll have to improvise, trying to match up a drum smack or guitar chord change, which is a bit harder.


          Agree in advance on some visual/audio cue that creates a quick pop or smack that you can see on the audio track's waveform and the rest will come easy.