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    Masking Out Trackers

    Suphanat Isarangkoon Level 1

      I still seemed to have some problems with my trackers removal. I used techniques of masking over the markers, and use the motion tracker to track the point. The problem is like at the end of this video at 25.45, I walked over my tracker, and it also hid the area of me walking over the tracker. At the start of the video, I also had a very similar problem. The tracker could still do a pretty good job at tracking the position of the tracker but when the camera angle causes the tracker to be partially hidden, it masked out the area of my body, so I need to edit the mask nearly frame by frame, taking up to around a day, or two. Is there a way to solve the problem, or at least easier ways. Thank You!



      P.S. Deposit Matte White doesn't work. It hid many areas that are bright that are not supposed to be hidden.