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    Unable to publish binder with consistent page views

    Manzanita Lisa

      I have a 30 page binder that I've published in Acrobat DC from individual Illustrator pages. They're all the same size and all the images have the same ppi. Everything seems OK until I insert links from my table of contents. Once the links are in, and the pages are accessed in Reader from the TOC, the pages display at inconsistent sizes (when it's still in Acrobat, everything is OK).


      I'm working with Windows 10 and I'm trying to have every page default to a "fit to height" view. So far, I've tried the following:


      1. In document properties, the initial view is set to "fit height" - this part seems to work out initially.

      2. Under preferences, I've tried page display set to "fit page", "fit visible" and "automatic" - there is no "fit height" which is very frustrating

      3. Under preferences/accessibility/override page display to single page and fit height


      Even when I've set Reader to "fit to height" under view/zoom, the pages are coming up at 32%. When I go to view/zoom again, my setting is gone, even when I save and reopen the file.


      Am I missing something? Is it possible to create a binder in Acrobat that displays consistently at "fit to height"? Or even at 100%? Or just so all the pages consistently open at the same size? Thanks for the help!