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    Photoshop CC and Bridge CC

    Polycontrast Level 1

      I like to ask the members that understand Bridge CC scripting if the following idea can be accomplished with a Bridge/Photoshop script.

      (I am aware the contextual menu offers the menu option to Open With listing the the different Photoshop versions. This works but is slow.)


      The problem:

      Working with two different Photoshop CC versions.


      The solution:

      Create a UI dialog that displays different versions of Photoshop.

      The UI dialog is called with the return key after the Bridge thumbnails are selected.


      The idea:

      Create the UI dialog that allow the user to input the appropriate Photoshop Version to use with the selected images in Bridge.

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          Polycontrast Level 1

          This BR script opens files in the default version of Photoshop.

          Is it possible to edit the default version for an earlier version of Photoshop in the script?






          if( BridgeTalk.appName == "bridge" ) {    

              var batchStack = new MenuElement( "command","Script Shell", "at the end of Tools" ); 




            // if photoshop is not currently running, launch it

            if ( BridgeTalk.isRunning("photoshop") == false ) {

               BridgeTalk.launch("photoshop", "background");



            var image = app.document.selections[0].path;



                var bt = new BridgeTalk;   // create new BridgeTalk message object

                   bt.target = "photoshop";   // send this message to Photoshop

                   // the script to send to photoshop

                   bt.body = "var file = new File('" + image + "');" +

                      "var docRef = open(file);" +

                      "var myx = docRef.width.toString();" +

                      "var myy = docRef.height.toString();" +

                      "var md = {x:myx,  y:myy};\r" +




                   //For the result, use eval to reconstruct the object

                   bt.onResult = function(resObj) {


                      md = bt.result = eval(resObj.body);



                      // Now you can access fname and fsize properties

                      //alert(md.x + " / " + md.y);



                bt.send();   // send the message