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    how to manually turn LowerField VideoClips into Progressive VideoClips-?


      Hello Everyone,


      I have my videoclips aligned on my AdobePremElement13 editing table, all of them are in Lower Field   (and 25f/s Pal(!) 4:3)



      I need to have them rendered in an output in Avi (uncompressed) in     Progressive     instead.


      (Elements13 does it , ok, but i am unsure about securing quality of the turnout : my Publisher will compress the avi onto a Pal DVD later on, and also as a file to be read on computer, and that's why they prefer progressive-)-



      Does the Rendering automatically recode the Lower Field file into a Progressive file, or is there some loss to be expected? or am I otherwise constrained to keep the order to LowerField, due to my videoclips being LowerField originally?  The problem with LowerField its that of the DVD will be in Pal, so it seems it should be UpperField(!?)-


      so it has been decided it would be set to progressive (de-interlaced) so as the movie to be read everywhere, but is that possible? and is this possible with Elements13?



      ==>why I have to ask :



      -Of course I specify at rendition time settings "progressive" but I want to be sure that I don't have to manually recode each VideoClips (i have 77 of them) from LowerField to Progressive. would this be needed, how to do it on Elements13? I don't see the device to operate this initial transformation.





      (you see there are two questions in one, as I am a bit confused by the snag into which i am)

      Much thank yous in advance!