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    Arm Attachment just won't work


      Hi there,


      Just trying to create my puppet and everything is working great except for the arms. I've made them independent, stapled at the shoulders on right arm/left arm respectively, they're sitting at the A angle in photoshop. Yet when I try to drag the arms around they can easily stretch off and do full shoulder rotations, not sure how to fix it?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Currently there isn't any restriction for dragging. So even if you have a bunch of draggables and sticks and whatnot, you could still drag the hand way out past the edges of the screen. We have talked about making a way to restrict this in the future, like imagine the sticks having a stiffness setting that determines its flexibility, from rubber to steel.


          Under attach style on the arm properties, you do have a few options: weld, hinge, and free. Experiment and see if any of those help achieve the look you're going for. Sometimes adding a few fixed handles around the stapled area helps things get pinned into place better.


          You may also want to give your arms some extra padding. So for example, if the arms keep looking like they're detaching, it may make sense to include some overlap artwork above/below the body they're attaching to - that way extreme stretches won't make them feel dismembered.


          In general, draggable arms can be pulled/stretched to undesirable limits, so it's best to know the limits of your character and try to stay within those natural bounds during performing.