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    Help with script that converts text box to HTML object

    JTKDerio Level 1

      I don't know anything about programming scripts and unfortunately inDesign doesn't have any actions panel as Photoshop..


      I need a script to convert a text box with HTML code inside to a HTML object… I do not think it should be very difficult


      The way could be the following:

      1) Select  text box
      2) Cut all text inside it
      3) Delete empty box
      4) Select selection tool
      5) go to OBJECT/INSERT HTML
      6) Paste inside the code before we cut from text box
      7) OK and close the INSERT HTML menu

      If the Script works we could change a Text box with HTML code inside to a HTML object (video, map, animations...)

      The first step could be selecting manually each text box or selecting automatically all the boxes that start with "<iFRAME"


      1000 thanks