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    Presenter 11 scenario based interactions compatibility


      From the videos I have learned that I could publish my final product presentstion to an LMS system, YouTube, or as s PDF file. If I choose NOT to use an existing LMS site, but rather use my own website, I know I can publish my presentations as videos. Right?


      What about the Scenario Based Interactions? Am I going to loose this feature if I publish not to an LMS site but let's say to YouTube? In other words, what conditions do I need to meet to retain this feature?


      I was wondering if such presentations open in a browser, and a learner (user) would need to have a plug-in downloaded to his/her computer/iPad to enable the Scenario Based Interactions?


      Thank you.

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          RicherRags Adobe Employee



          Presenter 11 can publish/generate the output in the following formats: Flash, HTML5 and PDF

          You can deploy the published output to an LMS or to your any web server.


          As for the PDF, you can distribute it over email too if you like. Think of the PDF as a container that simply takes the Flash output format and creates a single PDF file that contains the full Flash output.


          You cannot deploy the output from Presenter (the PowerPoint plugin) to YouTube.


          That said, Presenter contains within it Presenter Video Express which allows you to create MP4 videos that capture the screen and the presenter (via webcam and microphone); and you can certainly publish to YouTube or Vimeo directly from Presenter Video Express.


          Scenario interactions is a feature of the Powerpoint plugin. If you used this in your project and published it to your website or to an LMS, this should work. As explained above, you cannot publish the output from the Powerpoint plugin to YouTube.


          The output of Presenter 11 plugin works in all browsers. When you publish Flash output, the browser is expected to have the Flash plugin. But if you publish as HTML5, it will work on all modern HTML5-capable browsers on desktops. In fact, it will also work on Safari on Ipads and Chrome on Android tablets. You can also publish both (HTML5 and Flash) and there is logic built in to detect Flash and play it when possible or fall back to HTML5.



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            Thank you very much, Ramesh.