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    MAC osX: Moving RAW from Photos to LR


      I'm experiencing a couple of different issues. I'm using a MAC with OS X and have already imported files from my SD card to Photos which imported as JPEG and RAW.


      1. Is there an easier and FASTER way to restack all of the photos as RAW instead of JPEG after they're already been imported and is there a setting I apply for new imports?


      2. When I move RAW photos from photos to another folder, it converts it JPEG. Grrr. Any way around this? I've tried looking for the "Master Files/Contents" and when I right click on the Photos app after going to applications, then click on show package contents, there's just a folder labeled as "Contents" - exploring this folder does not have my files, or at least, I can't figure out how to locate them (this is much easier on a PC!), so my next question is...


      3. Where is the folder with all of my photos?


      4. Why can't I import while in LR, pictures from Photos?


      5. Why can't I copy and paste the RAW photos into LR - or is there away to do this?


      I'm so frustrated and really want to love LR & PS with Mac.



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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1. Not sure what you are asking. Do you mean inside Photos? Don't know much about that program.


          2. This is why you should avoid photos Altogether. It hides your photos from you. You can find the originals by right clicking (or control clicking if you didn't enable the secondary click yet) on its library file which normally lives in the pictures folder in your home directory and is normally called Photos Library.photoslibrary and choosing "show package contents. Your raw files will be in Masters and are segregated by year and then month inside. In fact you can just drag the masters folder onto Lightroom and import images that way. You won't get any keywording or other settings but you'll get all your raw files intact. Best is to copy the files if you want to keep using Photos. If you move the files Photos won't be able to find them. Do realize you will end up with two copies of all files though.


          3. See above


          4. No clue. A question for Adobe no doubt.


          5. the way above is the best way to do this.