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    Lightroom mobile sign out, all photos gone ;(


      Let me explain the situation a bit.


      I was shooting with the new dng LR mobile camera, took a bunch a nice shots.


      Unfortunately I was using a cellular wifi router for my connection, not real wifi or a regular phone connection. I have limited data availability so didn't want all the photos syncing (the app thinks I was on wifi). Wondered how best to stop it. Decided to sign out for a while and take a look online for solutions.


      Signed back in some ten minutes later only to find all the images that I had taken gone. This is huge shame as coincidentally they were of a pivotal family event.


      Really gone?

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          D.A.R Adobe Community Professional

          Im going to say they are indeed lost.


          To try and replicate this event I turned off wifi on my iPhone to simulate no connection to the cloud. I then took 24 images and watched them appear in the collection. Before they had finished "writing" I signed out of the application. Upon signing back in I saw only 17 of the images. the remainder no where.


          The app does not write the file to to the Camera Roll and I see no option for that. Losing a wifi connection does not result in the same.


          I started with the iphone connected via wifi and took 24 more images. After the burst and when only 3 were showing in the collection I disconnected wifi. (the app is not set to sync via data). All 24 images showed in the collection. Then when I resumed the wifi they, of course, synced to the cloud.


          So, it seems, "how best to stop it" would have been to quit the app, not sign out.


          Hope this helps for future use.

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            slewismacromedia Level 1

            Thanks for this. Your observations align with mine. At least we now know to be careful.

            One would have hoped that a cache might stop this from happening as it doesn't seem like a particularly useful "feature".

            Being able to pause sync would be handy too.


            Anyway, on we go with our new dng capable iPhones.

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              greule Adobe Employee

              Hi Steve, have you tried to force quit the LrM app afterwards? Are the photos still not listed? - Guido