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    Any script for text list of missing files with extra data???




      I'm searching for a way to export filenames of missing files, as well as hopefully some data (shooting date and duration for videos).

      Is there any quick script compatible with Mac that can achieve this? (I found a python script on dpreview forum, but it was for windows).



      The reason is simple:

      - I lost a RAID partition on my external disks, and with it a large part of my data.

      - I could recover most of it, but not all, and because it was a Mac partition, I lost filenames.

      - I used exiftool to extract original name and shoot date from RAW files, and a Terminal command allowed my reorganize those in logical folder (date based) to be relocated into Lightroom with minimal effort.


      - Videos are another story, they don't have the original name in the exif, only date ... So while I could reorganize them into relevant folders, it's taking me ages to go through lightroom, compare missing videos for that folder, and rename after checking the duration (as not all videos have been recovered, I can't rename blindly).


      If I can have a text list of:

      - Missing filenames

      - Shooting date

      - Duration

      I could use a terminal script to compare recovered files' exifs and rename them.


      Hope someone knowledgeable enough with Lightroom SDK can help.