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    Reflection map problem

      If I add a reflection map in 3dsmax and export to director, when I turn the camera in my game engine, the reflection moves quite a bit. In real life, if I turn my head, a reflection hardly moves at all.

      Is there a quick way to stop a reflection moving when you turn or does it really matter?


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          _lw Level 1
          as far as i understood reflection maps, they are allways projected from the view of the camera to the model. you will see this best when you use spheres and make reflection maps on them with 100%. another word could be "camera-mapping".

          it really depends on the map and the model how "realistic" the reflection seems to be. the shadermethods to create wonderful and nice effects. i have added a rotating cube to my "test-multiuser-things-3D-Chat'n'shoot-maze" to test the look of the reflection-map on different graficcards. i used a very soft noise for the map and it looks good here.

          but there is something strange when i tested reflectionmaps with openGL, here , on my graficcard, i have a additive effect with fog and refelection maps, so models with reflection map become brighter when you are far away from them.

          not sure if this is only on my machine, but will test this in the next days on different computers...

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            Theodoric_ Level 1
            And how can i create reflection like car shader?
            In max i cant set.
            Any idea or code?

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              Theodoric_ Level 1
              So i create the reflection in director with this code:

              pBox.shader.reflectionMap = member("refl_test").texture("refl")

              its cool, but i dont know how can i set the reflection strenght.
              When i use blend, the strenght is ok, but the diffuse color always grey. (Original color red)
              how can i set the strength etc. 20 and diffusecolor red, blue...
              the .diffuse = rgb (255,0,0) inefficient...
              any idea?

              (sorry my bad english)