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    HMTL Code doesn't works


      Hello, i have a Problem with an HTML Code/Widget. The Widget is embedded on the following homepage www.feuerwehr-hechendorf.org/einsaetze.

      Here is the HTML Code:

      <script src="http://pd.service.ff-agent.com/assets/hp-widget/v1/javascript/embeddable.js"></script> <ffagent-widget token="CAA66EED-4253-483C-A376-8F6FC012AE26" missions-per-page="10" show-mission-chart="true" mission-image-placeholder="http://www.feuerwehr-hechendorf.org/images/FFW Hechendorf Logo2015 v04_1"> </ffagent-widget>

      The developer doesn't change the code or the programming. Now the Problem is, that the Code/Widget doesn't works since a few weeks. On another side, which was not created by Adobe Muse the widget works (http://pd.service.ff-agent.com/hpWidget/preview/CAA66EED-4253-483C-A376-8F6FC012AE26#/miss ions/2016/index/page/1)! Could someone help me, please?