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    Basic scipt errors :(

    Damnnationx Level 1
      Ive desighned a nice flashy Menu system called Mymenu_MCP. in my menu mcp i have a few layers
      graphics animation of menu system up to frame 70
      buttons inside buttons i have animation up to frame 70 of buttons_MCP

      Problem is no matter where i insert code i cant get the code to work. im lead to belive i need to insert code in to frame 1 of my actions layer for the entire Movie clip but no matter what code ive tried i either get errors or it just doesnt work..

      The event i wish to occur is to play frame 1 of MYMENU so that it plays the menu animation stops on frame 70

      Then in a button i presume i need seperate code to do the following Action: upon clicking button, Goto scene"AboutME" and play frame 1,stop on last frame-----or if i use another layer called pages instead of scenes for pages i would need an: goto"MYMENU" frame number say 80 and stop ....

      im not sure best wya to get this to work any help apreciated