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    I can't create a rasterizeOptions object in vbscript

    TomVbk Level 1

      Hi, newbie for illustrator scripting here

      I'm using vbscript because i'm used to program with this language.


      I'm trying to make a vbscript for illustrator cc that selects all content on a layer named "test" and rasterizes it with a few settings.

      I can't figure out how to use the "RasterizeOptions" class, I use vbsedit to browse trough the objects but from the moment I try:




      I get the error it can't make the object? How else should I create a RasterizeOptions object?

      What am i doing wrong here, can anyone show me an example?



      Regards, Tom

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          TomVbk Level 1

          I was hoping for a more quick reaction because I need this fixed on Wednesday :\

          this is my script:


          Set appRef = CreateObject("Illustrator.Application")

          Set docRef = appRef.ActiveDocument

          docref.Layers.Item("test").HasSelectedArtwork = True


          Set rasterizeOptions = CreateObject("Illustrator.RasterizeOptions") '<--- cant create activeX object!?

          rasterizeOptions.padding = 0

          rasterizeOptions.resolution = 72

          rasterizeOptions.transparency = true

          call docref.rasterize(selectedItems, selectedItems.controlBounds,rasterizeOptions)


          I hope someone can help me

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            I've found Adobe to be difficult with ActiveX object.

            I now exclusively call the exact version that I want, such as

            Set aiRasterOptions = CreateObject("Illustrator.RasterEffectOptions.CC.2018")


            This seems to be much worse if you've had or have other versions of Illustrator installed on your machine.

            You can use a regdllview or something similar to see what's registered on your machine.