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    CFGRID and Format=flash

      We have been trying to use CFGRID with format=flash. The following code works on our development server but not our live server. Both are running Windows 2000 server, IIS 6+, CFMX7.0.1 with hotfix 2

      On the dev server the column headings and the data all appear as expected but on the live webserver only the column headings appear and the flash grid appears but no data yet is appears to load the data but does not show the data.

      you can test this at http://www.ametsoc.org/flashtest3.cfm

      The code is

      <!--- Query the database to fill up the grid. --->
      <cfquery name="qry_states" DATASOURCE="#dbdsn#" USERNAME="#dbuid#" PASSWORD="#dbpwd#">
      SELECT * from States
      ORDER BY StateAbbrev
      <h3>cfgrid Example</h3>
      <I>Using flash as format - on live server only the column names show up but not the data</i>
      <!--- cfgrid must be inside a cfform tag. --->
      <cfform name="frmGrid" method="post" action="">
      <cfgrid name = "FirstGrid"
      height="320" width="580"
      query = "qry_states"
      font="Tahoma" fontsize="12" appendkey="yes" griddataalign="left" gridlines="yes" rowheaderalign="left" colheaderalign="left" selectmode="browse" enabled="yes" visible="yes" format="flash" autowidth="true">