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    Agent signed me up for the wrong plan - nightmare


      Hello, I called to find out more information on the 350 image plans available.  When speaking to the agent I expressed that I only needed to purchase 350 images one time.  She assured me that I could cancel at any time within 30 days, without occurring any fees and maintain my licenses I purchased.  14 days later I call to let them know I no longer need to continue the plan for the following month.  I am told I have to pay a $900+ cancellation fee and that I will lose all the licenses I had purchased since it's some sort of an annual subscription service.  So I can only assume what happened is the agent explained one plan to me however she signed me up for something completely different!  I have now called 10+ times, have been promised a call from a manager as every agent tells me they can't help me and reads the same thing from their script.  I keep getting transferred back and forth and nobody has any answers and 4 days later i'm still waiting for the manager to call me back.  I'm being treated like this is my fault.  I haven't even used the 350 images, those licenses are sitting on my account.  I just want to get what I originally was promised.  350 images for a ONE time fee.  This is absolutely the worst service I have ever received.  I have been a creative cloud member for years without a single issue.  I am just really disappointed, I love Adobe's other products and that's why I came here first when looking to purchase stock images.  However this has been very stressful and I still am not even close to getting this issue resolved.  I have wasted hours of my time.  I need this issue resolved.