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    Playstore Phonegap android version code mismatch

      I have built my app using the PhoneGap build service. I am using gradle as the build tool.

      When I first published my app I had the following versions for android in the widget tag as attributes

          versionCode =   "1" version     =    "1.0.0"

      They showed up properly on the playstore.

      When publishing an update I updated the versions as follows

          versionCode =   "2" version     =    "1.0.1"

      But immediately after publishing the playstore dashboard shows versions as

          version = 28(1.0.1)

      Where is the 28 coming from?


      I have read some similar questions here:

      Re: android version code


      Your APK's version code needs to be higher than 100088


      One says that it need to be in the preference tag and another says that it need to be android-versionCode and not just versionCode in the widget tag.


      What is the correct solution?