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    Need help having a radio button/checkbox export a value into a text field


      Hi There,


      In Acrobat I am having trouble with something that I feel should be easy, but for one reason or another I am struggling.


      This is what I would love to happen:

      • Radio Button or checkbox that when selected populates 2 text fields with different values

      • So for example, when selected would populate Textfield1 with a numerical value and the same check/radio when selected populates Textfield2 with a values different than Textfield1

      • When not selected the export value could be zero as at the end of it all I will tally up the checked selections (this part I know how to do)

      • So what I am building is a quote sheet for MSRP and specialty pricing based on a selectable option of the checkbox/radio button. Just filing you in


      I very much appreciate any help on the javascript I need to add and where to add it. Thank you!