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    Premiere Elements 10


      We are currently having issues with Premiere Elements 10 on our Mac lab in the school district I work for.


      When we open up Premiere and use Pan and Zoom we run into a problem where the "preview" is nothing but a static image. Is there any way to fix this? We do not have this issue on our PC's it is only on our Macs. I have attached screen shots of the issue we are having as well. Any answers to this will be much appreciated. The Macs that we are using are iMacs

      Screen_Shot_2016_09_15_at_12.20.54_PM (2).png

      Screen_Shot_2016_09_15_at_12.22.04_PM (1).pngScreen Shot 2016-09-15 at 3.46.49 PM.png